Gut health and Epstein-Barr-Virus

Gut health refers to the balance of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. Looking after the health of the gut and maintaining the right balance of these microorganisms is vital for physical and mental health, immunity, and more.

At the moment it is easy to find a lab to check the microorganism. Normally you use a probitic or additional a prebiotic. Probiotics feed on nondigestible carbohydrates called prebiotics. This process encourages beneficial bacteria to multiply in the gut.

Prebiotics may help probiotics become more tolerant to certain environmental conditions, including pH and temperature changes. And normaly the user had lower levels of gut inflammation due to the altered types of gut microbes.

But when after using a lot of prebiotics, you digestive movement to fast or to slow, you have or you have abdominal cramps, flatulence or lose weight, then it is important to look further beyond.

The cause may be a Candida albicans colonization, an unrecognized reactivation of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) or even unrecognized allergies. Also contact e.g. With wood preservatives can become a burden on the intestine, the liver, the pancreas. The long term, the digestive power strongly negatively affected.

An effective therapy for the intestine…

requires a comprehensive analysis.

Here in Berlin I am at your disposal beyond the microbiome to investigate what causes your digestive problems.

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